Switch Board

The switchboard refers to a large single panel, assembly of panels, a structural frame or assembly of structural frames, on which buses, switches, and protective and other control devices may be mounted. The mounting may be done on the face, the back side, or both. The electrical distribution equipment is designed to redirect and control the flow of electricity from one or multiple sources, to several different sections or loads. A switchboard can therefore be used to distribute power to individual loads, control equipment, transformers, panel boards etc. The main role of the switchboard is to allow the incoming electric power to be divided into smaller independent circuits according to their current requirements. The circuit breakers as well as over current protection devices for each of the sections are selected according to the load current. Once the currents are divided, they are then distributed according to the load i.e. lighting loads, sockets etc. Some switchboards such as those used in residential apartments have an option of metering to see the amount of power used by individual circuits.

Switch Board components

  1. Panels or frames: to hold devices such as switches, circuitry indicates and other devices that allow the delivery of power and controlling of the circuits.
  2. Controls and monitoring devices: To connect and control single or multiple power sources to and from the switchboard. These may include frequency gauges, synchroscopes and other instruments to measure the frequency and synchronization of the power generators.
  3. Busbars: To carry and distribute the incoming power from source to different sections of the installation through the switchboard and control devices.

The Best Switch Board Features


Electrical Powder Leather color


Original Electricity supply


Rain water proof


Strong and Stable

Some of Switch board images

there is a lot of design and standards we can build panel boards but we show some of the best ones in the images below.

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